Traditional Mediterranean Goodness in Every Bite

Just 100% Raw Dry Figs, Nuts & Seeds

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We are excited to introduce NUTRILICIOUS snacks made with 100% raw natural ingredients, based on traditional Cypriot recipes. Our goal and promise to you is to offer snacks made with only pure ingredients that are as close to nature as possible.

What do we mean?

  • NO added sugar
  • NO sugar substitute
  • NO preservatives
  • NO GMO

Only dried fruits, nuts and seeds, nothing more than nutritious snacks boosted with a variety of ingredients or superfoods for maximum benefits to health and wellbeing.

As an experienced Clinical dietitian I have made it a mode of life to create recipes with main concern the health outcomes of consumption. The challenge was to be able to fit a healthy diet in the hectic lifestyle we all have! These products have been chosen for their delicious taste and strong health benefits designed with a pinch of todays’ knowledge on healthy eating and lifestyle for adults and children.

Nutrilious snacks make Mediterranean diet on the go possible! Products such as fig bars or grape juice “soutziouko” type dessert with seeds and nuts have been well known for their antioxidant rich content, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and natural sweet flavor. Enjoy them as an alternative to deserts for everyday snacking, combined with yogurt, dark chocolate or with fruit and cheese platters served with alcohol, coffee or tea.

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