About S&K NutriLicious

Develop nutrient rich on the go snacks based on old Cypriot traditional recipes with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colorings and no added sugar or sugar substitutes!

Our Service

Production and trade of bars and bite size nutritionally rich products based on traditional Cypriot recipes made with just dried figs, nuts and seeds. Nothing more than just 100% Mediterranean natural ingredients! with no preservatives, sugar substitute or sugar added. Products’ health benefits will be boosted with a variety of ingredients for maximum benefit to health and well being!

Nutrilicious products are delicious and nutritious rich products that can be consumed as a healthy, high fiber, with omega 3 fatty acids and taste rich alternative to deserts for everyday snacking, or with fruit and cheese platters served with alcohol, coffee or tea.

The objective

  • To become premier providers of healthy desserts and snacks based on the Mediterranean diet made for starters with dried figs, nuts and seeds in Cyprus distributed inland and in the near future in European countries such as France and the United Kingdom
  • To help reestablish these delicious products as a healthy alternative to  high saturated fat and high sugar deserts and snacks for adults and kids
  • To promote our products to children as fig pops (a design familiar to kids) and bars in a child friendly packaging
  • To market these Mediterranean traditional products with their strong health benefits with a pinch of today’s knowledge on healthy eating and European Lifestyle


S&K Nutrilicious will develop into the most valuable producer inland and export of nutritious snacks made fresh from mostly local agricultural ingredients chosen for their delicious taste and strong health benefits designed with a pinch of todays’ knowledge on healthy eating and lifestyle for adults and children.

Keys of success

The keys of success of S&K Nutrilicious as the premier producer of traditional Mediterranean nutritious recipes, boosted with a variety of ingredients for maximum benefit to health and well being:

  • The current demand for tasty and at the same time nutritious everyday snacking
  • As an experienced Clinical dietitian I have made it a mode of life to create recipes with main concern the health outcomes of consumption. Mediterranean diet and especially products such as fig bars or grape juice soutziouko type dessert with seeds and nuts have been well known for their antioxidant rich content, fiber and natural sweet flavor
  • Mediterranean diet has gained great respect by the medical world over the past years. A traditional Mediterranean product enhanced with ingredients that will only offer a more contest nutrient result made with natural ingredients, no sugar or saturated fat will be appreciated by the demanding consumer
  • Offered in bite size sold in a variety of packages to fit every occasion form afternoon snack, kids friendly shapes and bigger packages for business meetings and presents. Enriching the original recipe with nutritionally dense ingredients such as linseeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and many more!